X-23 at the Charlotte MiniConMade & Modeled by ContagiousPhoto by RenPix





This is the most ridiculously awesome cosplay wig ever in the history of fandom.

This wig is better than the one in the parks

I wonder how heavy that wig is…

That’s amazing

are we sure its a wig?

Okay The Bloop is one of my FAVORITE THINGS so here’s a really simple list of things about it:
No one knows what made the sound.  Scientists know it wasn’t made by anything man-made (submarines, bombs, etc) or by anything geological (volcanoes, earthquakes, etc), BUT
The sound was several times louder than any sound ever recorded from the earth’s loudest animal, the blue whale.
The sound was powerful and loud enough to be recorded simultaneously at three different stations up to 4800km/2982mi away from each other
That’s roughly the distance between Seattle, WA, Jacksonville, FL and Mexico City
People now think that the sound was made by an iceberg either breaking or scraping against the ocean floor, but again, no one knows for sure.
The Bloop is just one of many Unidentified Sounds, counting among its ranks : Julia, Train, Slow Down, Whistle and Upsweep.
Terse? I can be terse.
Notte Themes     ☾