I enjoyed the famous selfie from the oscars and I told myself, “I’m going to draw this with the characters of YA”.
 While I was drawing, in the chat an idea emerged that this could be an AU. So in the picture…these characters are actors of the YA series on T.V. It was very fun chatting about this and we thought: 

Tommy and Billy are real life brothers, where Tommy dyed his hair. And for both of them this is their first work as actors. Teddy is a Best Male Actor Newcomer in the film industry. He went on the show because he’s a fan of marvel and wanted to be a part of the show. He has been a professional actor since childhood. He’s reserved and cautious, especially toward the paparazi. Eli and Kate come from the same school and were working together on an old series. And again they’re working together on this new series. Cassie is the daughter of a major actor, and at first is thought to have earned her rank because of her father, but that is not the case; it was due to her own effort. Vision: He’s an actor who always wears a mask (like the famous Daft Punk ). His past is a mystery, but in real life though he was a very famous child actor and had an accident where his face got smashed and, as a result, disappeared from the industry. Now he has returned for this series. Noh is a well-known model and the series is his first job in acting. He reveals his real side to his companions of the show that had an idea of Noh from his pictures alone, which ends up being different from the real thing Chavez is a famous, Mexican actress from her country thanks to her work on Spanish novelas. The YA series is her first job en the United States (ahem, like Gael Garcia?) David is a supporting actor from another series. He is heterosexual and victim of harassment from Teddy/Billy fans on social networking sites because of his role as Prodigy. Nathan is an actor who was offered another job at another series while he was working on the YA first season, and he left YA for it. But he returned to do the special (The Crusade). 

 I hope you like the AU idea of the T.V. actors, hehehe ♥If possible, leave a comment on if you like the idea.♥

Black Widow #6 cover


I’m going to have to talk about Natasha first, because apparently all of my meta is about being Russian.

I’ve seen people complaining about it, but Natasha being from the post-Soviet era is fucking brilliant. I don’t care that it’s different from the comics. Obviously, part of the reasoning for this comes from my own lived experience as a Ukrainian immigrant in the United States — I can’t tell you how weary I am of how many Russian women in American media are Cold War-spy eye-candy, and Natasha being removed from that is incredibly important. But it’s not just that. The post-Soviet origin story fits Natasha’s MCU characterization so much better. 

This Natasha watched an empire crumble when she was a child. She was born into a time of decline and economic scarcity — stores with empty shelves and a government struggling to keep it all together, watching republics slip through their fingers. There were endless waiting lists for everything useful — it was a normal part of my childhood that I was not able to call my best friend unless she was at her grandmother’s place. Her building had not yet had phone lines installed. When I’d ask my parents when her apartment was going have a phone, my parents would scoff, “They’re on a list.” 

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